3G Capital Partners LP

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Key Facts

HeadquartersNew York, NY
AUM$46.3 billion
AUM as ofMarch 31, 2017


3G Capital Partners LP is a hedge fund based in New York, NY. It was founded in 03/2012. They hold $46.3 billion in assets under management as of March 31, 2017. Read their Plain English Brochure.

Sub Funds and Performance

NameAUM (bn) Type Min Investment Num Clients Internal $ % Fund of Funds $ % Prime Brokers
3G Fund L.P. 0.744 hedge fund 5,000,000 53 78.0 JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, UBS
3G Global Food Holdings LP 25.386 Other 20,000,000 2 100.0
3G Kraft Heinz Company Holdings LP 16.217 Other 20,000,000 187 48.0
3G Natural Resources Fund LP 1.226 hedge fund 5,000,000 88 35.0 20.0 JP Morgan, Merrill, Morgan Stanley, UBS
3G Opportunities Fund, LP 0.673 hedge fund 5,000,000 46 88.0 JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, UBS
3G Restaurant Brands Holdings LP 10.437 Other 20,000,000 101 45.0
3G Special Situations Fund III L.P. 13.827 private equity fund 20,000,000 180 32.0
3G Special Situations Fund IV LP 9.216 private equity fund 20,000,000 255 24.0
3G Special Situations Fund V, L.P. 0 private equity fund 20,000,000 296 32.0

Key People

Paulo BasilioPartner Owner or OfficerNone
Alexandre Behring CostaManaging Partner Owner or Officer25 to 50%
Bradley BrownGeneral Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer Owner or OfficerNone
Mario CamposPartner Owner or OfficerNone
Pedro DrevonPartner Owner or OfficerNone
Daniel DreyfusPartner Owner or OfficerNone
Anuroop DuggalPartner Owner or OfficerNone
Pedro Batista FilhoPartner Owner or OfficerNone
Bernardo HeesPartner Owner or Officer5 to 10%
Munir JaveriPartner Owner or OfficerNone
Joshua KlivanPartner Owner or OfficerNone
David KnopfPartner Owner or OfficerNone
Bernardo Piquet CarneiroPartner Owner or OfficerNone
Marcos RomaneiroPartner Owner or OfficerNone
Daniel SchwartzPartner Owner or Officer5 to 10%