Alkeon Capital Management, LLC

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Key Facts

HeadquartersNew York, NY
AUM$4.8 billion
AUM as ofAugust 17, 2017


Alkeon Capital Management, LLC is a hedge fund based in New York, NY. It was founded in 12/2001. They hold $4.8 billion in assets under management as of August 17, 2017. Read their Plain English Brochure.

Sub Funds and Performance

NameAUM (bn) Type Min Investment Num Clients Internal $ % Fund of Funds $ % Prime Brokers
Alkeon Asia Growth Master Fund, Ltd. 0.046 hedge fund 1,000,000 34 55.0 Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley
Alkeon Capital Partners Master Fund, Ltd. 0.016 hedge fund 1,000,000 8 1.0 Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley
Alkeon Global Alpha Master Fund, L.P. 0.034 hedge fund 1,000,000 5 97.0 Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley
Alkeon Growth Master Fund, Ltd. 2.468 hedge fund 1,000,000 1671 8.0 Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley
Alkeon Growth Offshore Fund II, Ltd. 0.098 hedge fund 250,000 71
Alkeon Growth Offshore Fund, Ltd. 0.440 hedge fund 1,000,000 203 1.0
Alkeon Growth Partners II, L.P. 0.526 hedge fund 500,000 533
Alkeon Growth Partners, LP 0.714 hedge fund 5,000,000 230 27.0
Alkeon Growth Pw Partners, LP 0.391 hedge fund 1,000,000 314
Alkeon Growth Rj Partners, LP 0.300 hedge fund 250,000 320
Alkeon Select Series Spc Fund, Ltd. 0.023 hedge fund 1,000,000 5 87.0 Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley

Key People

Gregory JakubowskyChief Operating Officer/Chief Compliance Officer Owner or OfficerNone
George MykoniatisChief Financial Officer Owner or OfficerNone
Jennifer ShufroManaging Director Of Legal And Compliance Owner or OfficerNone
Panayotis SparaggisManaging Director Owner or Officer50-75%