Apollo Global Real Estate Management, L.P.

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Key Facts

HeadquartersNew York, NY
AUM$9.0 billion
AUM as ofMarch 30, 2017


Apollo Global Real Estate Management, L.P. is a hedge fund based in New York, NY. It was founded in 10/2009. They hold $9.0 billion in assets under management as of March 30, 2017. Read their Plain English Brochure.

Sub Funds and Performance

NameAUM (bn) Type Min Investment Num Clients Internal $ % Fund of Funds $ % Prime Brokers
Agre Cobb West Investor, L.P. 0.029 real estate fund 1 2
Agre Usref Kemper Lakes Platform, L.P. 0.042 real estate fund 20,000,000 2 100.0
Agre Usref Npl Platform, L.P. 0.051 real estate fund 20,000,000 4 87.0
Apollo U.S. Real Estate Partners II (Te) L.P. 0.021 real estate fund 5,000,000 2 1.0
Apollo Usref II (Hp Coinvest) L.P. 0.050 real estate fund 1 2
Apollo Usref II (Las Olas) Holdings, L.P. 0.038 real estate fund 1 4 55.0
Citigroup Real Estate Partners Fund LLC 0.023 real estate fund 250,000 182
Citigroup Real Estate Partners II, L.P. 0.038 real estate fund 250,000 128
Citigroup Real Estate Partners Institutional LLC 0.008 real estate fund 250,000 7
Cpi Capital Partners Asia Pacific (Cayman), L.P. 0.035 real estate fund 250,000 122
Cpi Capital Partners Europe L.P. 0.085 real estate fund 10,000,000 16 1.0 2.0
Cpi Capital Partners Na Secondary LP 0.011 real estate fund 10,000,000 1
Cpi Capital Partners North America LP 0.020 real estate fund 10,000,000 19
Cpi Capital Partners North America Offshore (Cayman) L.P. 0.005 real estate fund 10,000,000 2 1.0
Cpi Capital Partners North America Offshore (Wt) LP 0.004 real estate fund 10,000,000 1 1.0
Cpi Ccp Eu-T Scots, L.P. 0.012 real estate fund 10,000,000 10
Cpi Cp Asia Te, L.P. 0.003 real estate fund 10,000,000 5
European Strategic Office Portfolio (U.S.) LLC 0.003 real estate fund 250,000 25
Tishman Speyer/Travelers International Real Estate Fund L.P. 0.007 real estate fund 250,000 86
Tst Opportunity (U.S.) LLC 0.004 real estate fund 250,000 41

Key People

Leon BlackPresident Owner or OfficerNone
Leon BlackNone Indirect Owner25 to 50%
Joshua HarrisVice President Owner or OfficerNone
Martin KellyVice President And Chief Financial Officer Owner or OfficerNone
Cindy MichelVice President And Chief Compliance Officer Owner or OfficerNone
Roger OrfVice President Owner or OfficerNone
Stuart RothsteinVice President And Chief Operating Officer Owner or OfficerNone
Marc RowanVice President Owner or OfficerNone
John SuydamVice President And Chief Legal Officer Owner or OfficerNone