Hedge Fund Books

Here are some recommended books about hedge funds.

This is THE book to start with to get a great overview of both the history of hedge funds and all of their different flavors.
When Genius Failed is a book about the first big hedge fund blow up, Long Term Capital Management. These guys were the best traders of their time, were known for their PhDs and Nobel Laureates, printed tons of money, but it all came crashing down.
Hedge Fund Market Wizards is the latest in a series of books that provide insight from a diverse set of investing professionals. There is a lot of information to be found regarding risk management, trading strategies, and even behavioral psychology.

Other General Investing Books

The Intelligent Investor was written by Benjamin Graham, the guy who taught Warren Buffet how to be a value investor. Although over 50 years old, the lessons in here are still relevant today for anybody who wants to understand fundamental investing.
A Random Walk Down Wall Street was one of the first books to highlight how hard it is for actively managed mutual funds to do any better than their benchmark interest. The huge rise of Vanguard and passive investing found it's foundation in these ideas.
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator is an entertaining read that tells a first-hand story of what it was like to be a stock speculator back in the 1920s. There are still some valuable lessons in here, but you'll want to read it for the entertainment value.