Bridgewater Associates

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Key Facts

HeadquartersWestport, CT
AUM$80.0 billion
AUM as ofJanuary 1, 2008


Bridgewater Associates is a hedge fund based in Westport, CT. It was founded in 1975. They hold $80.0 billion in assets under management as of January 1, 2008. Funds run by Ray Dalio
$80 billion in assets under management in 2008, which is down from $165 billion in 2006 as they shed assets to move to less constrained funds.

Second largest hedge fund in Institutional Investor's 2008 Hedge Fund 100

Historical Performance

2008 Returns:
Pure Alpha Strategy up 8.7%
Pure Alpha 2 up 9.4%

Pure Alpha Strategy up 11% in 2007

Pure Alpha Trading down 1.57% in February 2007