Carlyle Capital

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Key Facts

AUM$21.0 billion
AUM as ofMarch 11, 2008


Carlyle Capital is a hedge fund. It was founded in 07/2007 by the Carlyle Group, run by John Stomber, formerly of Cerberus. They hold $21.0 billion in assets under management as of March 11, 2008. Carlyle executives own 15% of the company
The Carlyle Group has extened $150 million credit line to the fund but have no further financial obligations

A highly levered fund investing in Fannie Mae and Freedie Mac securities (about $22 billion)

Lost 30% of NAV between listing in July and 12/31/2007.

On Thursday, March 6th, announced that it had missed 4 of 7 margin calls worth $37 million.
On Friday it received further calls
By Monday they had received over $400 million of margin calls