Deephaven Capital Management Llc

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Key Facts

HeadquartersMinnetonka, MN
AUM$400 million


Deephaven Capital Management Llc is a hedge fund based in Minnetonka, MN. They hold $400 million in assets under management. * Deephaven Event Fund
Founded in April 2004
$780 million under management
Deephaven Event Fund shut down in January 2008 after clients requested to withdraw 70% of the $780 million fund.

* Deephaven Multistrategy freezes redemptions on 10/31/2008 after clients requested to withdraw 30% of the $1.6 billion fund
Had $2.1 billion at it's peak at the end of 2006.

Historical Performance

Deephaven Multistrategy up 11% in 2007[

Deephaven Event Fund up 1.31% in February 2007
Deephaven Market Neutral Ltd up 1.52% in February 2007

Deephaven Multistrategy down 15% in 2008 through September and down an additional estimated 10% in October