Galena Asset Management

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Key Facts

AUM$1.0 billion
AUM as of2010


Galena Asset Management is a hedge fund. It was founded in 2004. They hold $1.0 billion in assets under management as of 2010. A subsidiary of the Trafigura Group.

Key employees include:
* Jeremy Weir CEO/CIO
* Duncan Letchford Portfolio Manager
* Cedric Chone Portfolio Manager
* Claude Lixi Portfolio Manager
* Mark Newson-Smith Senior Trader
* Nicholas Hanley Assistant Portfolio Manager -
* Matthew Adams Analyst
* Frédéric Codet Senior Trader
* Philippe Huber Quant Analyst
* Emil Swanepoel Senior Trader
* Duncan Hay Mining Analyst
* Pascal Quitt Energy Analyst
* Gerard Lynch Compliance
* David Mimra Marketing

Historical Performance

2010 Returns
* Up 4.2% in May