Gcm Customized Fund Investment Group, L.P.

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Key Facts

HeadquartersNew York, NY
AUM$23.7 billion
AUM as ofMarch 30, 2017


Gcm Customized Fund Investment Group, L.P. is a hedge fund based in New York, NY. It was founded in 10/2013. They hold $23.7 billion in assets under management as of March 30, 2017. Read their Plain English Brochure.

Sub Funds and Performance

NameAUM (bn) Type Min Investment Num Clients Internal $ % Fund of Funds $ % Prime Brokers
Alpha Z Infrastructure, L.P. 0.311 private equity fund 200,000,000 3 1.0
Battelle Memorial Institute Pension Fund, L.P. 0.003 private equity fund 25,000,000 2 1.0
Bm-Gcm Grosvenor Private Equity Fund, L.P. 0 private equity fund 500,000
Colorado Mile High Fund, L.P. 0.050 private equity fund 50,000,000 2 1.0
Credit Spirit Fund, L.P. 0.073 private equity fund 200,000,000 2 3.0
Gcm Grosvenor - Ahold Pensioenfonds Investment Fund, L.P. 0.134 private equity fund 140,000,000 2 1.0
Gcm Grosvenor - Dallas Erf Partnership II, L.P. 0.081 private equity fund 60,000,000 2 1.0
Gcm Grosvenor - Kronos Investment Program, L.P. 0.075 private equity fund 170,000,000 2 1.0
Gcm Grosvenor - Nyscrf New York Co-Investment Program Fund 2005, L.P. 0.106 private equity fund 225,000,000 2 2.0
Gcm Grosvenor - Park Investments, L.P. 0 private equity fund 0 2
Gcm Grosvenor - Risd Endowment Private Equity Fund, L.P. 0.005 private equity fund 15,000,000 2 1.0
Gcm Grosvenor Ai3 Private Equity Partners, L.P. 0.011 private equity fund 250,000 2 1.0
Gcm Grosvenor Blue, L.P. 0.047 private equity fund 25,000,000 2
Gcm Grosvenor China Harvest III Feeder Fund, L.P. 0.038 private equity fund 100,000 72
Gcm Grosvenor Dayton Investment Fund, L.P. 0.028 private equity fund 25,000,000 2 1.0
Gcm Grosvenor Dem II, L.P. 0.204 private equity fund 200,000,000 2 1.0
Gcm Grosvenor Diversified Partners IV, L.P. 0.012 private equity fund 300,000 28
Gcm Grosvenor Diversified Private Equity, L.P. 0.309 private equity fund 355,000,000 2 3.0
Gcm Grosvenor European Real Estate Fund, L.P. 0.014 real estate fund 1,000,000 2
Gcm Grosvenor Fund Investment Program V, L.P. (State Of Michigan Retirement Systems) 0.108 private equity fund 125,000,000 2 1.0

Key People

Ivaldo BassoManaging Director And Chief Financial Officer Owner or OfficerNone
Vikram BhaskarManaging Director Owner or OfficerNone
Peter BraffmanManaging Director Owner or OfficerNone
Dasha DwinManaging Director, Chief Human Resources Officer Owner or OfficerNone
Lilly FarahnakianManaging Director, Global Chief Compliance Officer Owner or OfficerNone
Layne GluntManaging Director Owner or OfficerNone
Derek JonesManaging Director Owner or OfficerNone
Jonathan LevinManaging Director Owner or OfficerNone
Alok MehtaManaging Director Owner or OfficerNone
Paul MeisterManaging Director And Vice Chairman Owner or OfficerNone
Jason MetakisManaging Director Owner or OfficerNone
Burke MontgomeryManaging Director, General Counsel Owner or OfficerNone
Stephen RamsthalerManaging Director Owner or OfficerNone
David RussellManaging Director Owner or OfficerNone
Michael SacksNone Indirect OwnerOther
Michael SacksManaging Director, Chief Executive Officer And Chairman Owner or OfficerNone
Bernard YancovichManaging Director Owner or OfficerNone