Numeric Investors LLC

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Key Facts

HeadquartersBoston, MA
AUM$27.1 billion
AUM as ofSeptember 29, 2017


Numeric Investors LLC is a hedge fund based in Boston, MA. It was founded in 06/2004. They hold $27.1 billion in assets under management as of September 29, 2017. Read their Plain English Brochure.

Sub Funds and Performance

NameAUM (bn) Type Min Investment Num Clients Internal $ % Fund of Funds $ % Prime Brokers
Man Numeric Amplified Core LLC 0.212 hedge fund 1,000,000 4 Morgan Stanley
Man Numeric Emerging Markets Core 0.329 hedge fund 1,000,000 6 Morgan Stanley
Man Numeric Integrated Alpha Market Neutral 0.093 hedge fund 871,400 1 Morgan Stanley & Co. International Plc
Man Numeric International Alpha 0.191 hedge fund 1,000,000 4 Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC
Man Numeric International Small Cap 0.055 hedge fund 1,000,000 3 40.0 Morgan Stanley
Man Numeric Multi-Strategy Market Neutral 0 hedge fund 1,000,000
Numeric Absolute Return Fund Offshore Ltd 0.154 hedge fund 1,000,000 7 Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC, Morgan Stanley
Numeric Absolute Return Fund, L.P. 0.404 hedge fund 1,000,000 10 100.0 Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC, Morgan Stanley
Numeric Emerging Markets Alpha Fund L.P. 1.217 hedge fund 1,000,000 25 Morgan Stanley
Numeric Emerging Markets Small Cap Core Offshore Fund Ltd. 0.058 hedge fund 1,000,000 4 Morgan Stanley
Numeric Multi-Strategy Market Neutral Levered Offshore Fund I Ltd 0.789 hedge fund 1,000,000 20 2.0 Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC, Morgan Stanley
Numeric Small Cap Core Onshore Fund I L.P. 0.203 hedge fund 1,000,000 11 Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC
Numeric Socially Aware U.S. Core Fund L.P. 0.345 hedge fund 10,000,000 6 Morgan Stanley
Numeric Socially-Aware Multi-Strategy Fund Ltd. 0.289 hedge fund 1,000,000 2 Morgan Stanley
Numeric World Market Neutral Onshore Fund II L.P. 0.091 hedge fund 3,000,000 11 3.0 Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC

Key People

Christopher AnconaChief Compliance Officer Owner or OfficerNone
Gregory BondDirector Owner or OfficerNone
Eric BurlDirector Owner or OfficerNone
Robert FurdakCo-Chief Investment Officer Owner or OfficerNone
David GalliasTreasurer Owner or OfficerNone
Douglas HamiltonVice President & Chief Operating Officer Owner or OfficerNone
Robert HannaVice President & Chief Financial Officer Owner or OfficerNone
Michael KasperDirector Owner or OfficerNone
Solomon KuckelmanSecretary Owner or OfficerNone
Nadine Le GallHead Of Compliance Americas Owner or OfficerNone
Shanta PuchtlerChief Executive Officer, President & Director Owner or OfficerNone
Sandy RattrayDirector Owner or OfficerNone
Daniel TaylorCo-Chief Investment Officer Owner or OfficerNone