Peloton Partners

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Key Facts

Other OfficesSanta Barbara
StrategiesCredit, Multi Strategy


Peloton Partners is a hedge fund based in London with offices in Santa Barbara. It was founded in 2005 by Geoffrey Grant and Ron Beller, former Goldman Sachs partners.


6/10/2008 Hedge fund managers bounce back Geoffrey Grant is raising money for a new hedge fund to launch later in 2008

3/7/2008 Peloton to suffer from rapid liquidation Investors in the ABS Fund will likely get nothing back and the Multi-Strategy fund would get 60-65% of their original investments

3/5/2008 Peloton to apologise for $2bn loss and also apparently blame banks for yanking margin lines

3/3/2008 Peloton lays blame on Wall Street lending crackdown for hedge fund liquidation

2/28/2008 Peloton to Liquidate ABS Fund After Mortgage Losses

2/4/2008 Peloton fund sets winning pace

1/25/2008 Peloton's `World Coming to an End' Bet Returned 87% in 2007

Historical Performance

ABS Fund up 87% in 2007
It's $1.8 billion in assets are being liquidated in February, 2008 after "severe" losses

Multi-Strategy Fund up 27% in 2007
Third fund in the planning stages