Pershing Square Capital Management

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Key Facts

HeadquartersNew York
AUM$4.4 billion
AUM as ofJanuary 1, 2009
StrategiesActivist, Long/Short


Pershing Square Capital Management is a hedge fund based in New York. It was founded in 11/2003 by William Ackman. They hold $4.4 billion in assets under management as of January 1, 2009. Seeded by three investors with $54 million in 2003.
Have raised an entire fund to focus on Target.

Key members include:
Richard McGuire - Partner (left in Jan 2009 to sit as Chairman of the Board at Borders)
Doreen Mary Mochrie - Head of Investor Relations
Joe Sutton - Chief Technology Officer

Sub Funds and Performance

NameAUM (bn) Strategies 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Prime Brokers
Pershing Square Intl 4 Long/Short -2.03 12.39 9.3 37.24 -16.66

Historical Performance

2009 Returns
International Fund down 2.1% in Fubruary, 2009 (-3.6% YTD)
Target Fund (Pershing Square IV) down 40.1% in January, 2009
Target Fund down 33.3% in February, 2009 (loss since inception now 93%!!!)

2008 Returns were:
Pershing Square LP down 13%
Pershing Square International down 11.9%
Pershing Square II down 11.2%

Returned 22% in 2007