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Key Facts

HeadquartersNew York
AUM$100 million
AUM as ofOctober 2009


PSQR is a hedge fund based in New York. It was founded in 04/2008 by Paolo Pellegrini. They hold $100 million in assets under management as of October 2009. PSQR stands for Pellegrini Squared. The fund started with $100 million that he made as the brains behind Paulson's famous subprime short. Initial hires include Alex Patelis as Chief Economist (former Chief Economist at Merrill Lynch in London), JunTian Xu and Evan Borenstein.

He is allowed to solicit money from Paulson investors in January, 2010.

Historical Performance

Up 80.8% YTD in 2009 through Novemeber, bringing inception to date performance to 175.5%.

Up 52.4% from April 15th 2008 - December 2008