Tiger Cubs

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Key Facts

HeadquartersNew York (usually)


Tiger Cubs is a hedge fund based in New York (usually). It was founded by managers who worked under Julian Robertson at Tiger Management LLC. Members include:

* Tiger Global Management LLC
* Blue Ridge Capital
* Shumway Capital Partners LLC
* Lone Pine Capital LLC
* Tiger Asia Management LLC
* Touradji Capital Management LP
* Viking Global Investors LP
* Maverick Capital Ltd
* Toscafund
* Tiger Veda
* Tiger Infrastructure Partners (a Private Equity firm)

Julian Robertson, "The Wizard of Wall Street", is a legend among fund managers as he returned 25% + over twenty years. He taught many to invest based on a company's value and the management team. He was known to place importance on his traders' mental health, making pyschological testing part of the hiring process.http://media.www.whartonjournal.com/media/storage/paper201/news/2006/04/17/News/Julian.Robertson.Speaks.To.Im.Club-1856707.shtml


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